Grief still awake three months since the Colectiv tragedy


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Several tens of people lit candles and laid flowers in front of the former Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest on Saturday, to commemorate three months since the deadly blaze that claimed 63 lives and left another 147 injured.

There were relatives and friends of the victims, youngsters who survived the fire and ordinary people who gathered to mourn the dead and to give vent to their grief. A religious service was held in the memory of the victims, with many of the attendees bursting into tears.

One of the victims’ woeful mother said that “her life has been stolen, too”.

“It’s very painful. It is only now that we realise the pain. Back then it was like we were floating and didn’t realise it,” another grieving mother complained.

Cristian Matei was one of the youngsters who survived the devastating fire. He had been in a coma for three weeks and today he returned to Colectiv for the first time since the blaze. “I burst out crying when I saw this altar here. Until now I have seen images from here only on the Internet while I was admitted in hospital,” he confessed to journalists.

At the end, people lit candles, laid wreaths of flowers, prayed and left placards displaying messages for the victims. “We’ll miss you, beautiful people!”, read one of these messages.

63 people, mostly youngsters lost their lives in the fire at the Colectiv club on the night of October 30th. 27 died in the fire, while another 24 lost the battle with death in the Romanian hospitals and 12 died in hospitals abroad. After the fire, 147 patients had been hospitalised.

Every month since then, on the 30th, people would come to pray, light candles and lay flowers at the scene of the tragedy.

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