Half of Romanians youngsters want to leave the country

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Latest statistics reveal concerning data, that half of Romanian youngsters want to leave the country, for better living conditions and wages in other western countries.

Migration experts say that the ‘youth drain’, which has been already happening in Romania for almost 30 years will not stop too soon unless authorities take serious measures. Almost half of young people aged 16 to 34 in Romania have already made plans to leave the country.

“We know from the opinion polls that roughly half of youngster aged from 16 to 34 plan to leave abroad, meaning they have structured plans. The percentage of those in college who intend to leave abroad is very close to 47% overall. Moreover, their intentions are better structured in the case of those who are on the verge of bachelor degree graduation,  as those who had a master degree or a PhD have already left,” said Dumitru Sandu, sociologist, director of the Centre for Migration Studies.

A new Eurostat survey says that Romania ranks first in EU on the share of youngsters who live outside Romania. Around 600,000 children aged from 0 to 19 have left Romania and are currently living abroad.

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