Handover at Justice Ministry. Ana Birchall: Ministry under siege many times. President Iohannis thanks her for staying independent


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Former Justice minister Ana Birchall has stated on Tuesday during the handover ceremony that the Justice Ministry had been under siege many times, as there were many pressures and “various interests” at stake.
Despite those many pressures and various interests, I believe I have provided the rule of law,” Birchall said, adding she is content about the way she is leaving the ministry and voicing hope the new minister will continue the good things.
Asked what piece of advice she can give to her successor, Catalin Predoiu, Birchall replied she cannot afford to give any advice. “I hope the good things that we started to be continued“.
Ana Birchall, named to run the ministry of Justice this spring following Tudorel Toader’s resignation, has been on constant conflict with the PSD leadership, which eventually prompted her dismissal in August. However she remained in office as interim, as President Iohannis had repeatedly rejected any proposal for this portfolio submitted by Dancila Government.

In a surprising move, President Klaus Iohannis, who attended the handover ceremony at the Ministry of Justice, has thanked Ana Birchall for her activity as minister, underlining he appreciated the critical solutions when she had opposite stances from PSD.

“I noticed you have totally involved in solving the problems, that there have been critical solutions when you took an opposite stance from the party that gave this failed government. I appreciated your position in favour of the independence of justice and not for the political commissioners who tried to subdue the judiciary system”, president Klaus Iohannis stated.

He added he wants a fair judiciary, and an efficient anti-corruption fight.

Iohannis also had some messages to the new minister, Cătălin Predoiu: “You have a difficult mission. The justice laws have been slaughtered by the toxic majority, the debate must be resumed with the specialists, with the partners, GRECO, European Commission and with the good-faith politicians. Good amendments must remain, while the wrong ones must be corrected”.

Iohannis also told Predoiu a strategy must be ensured to put the criminal codes in compliance with the Constitutional Court decisions.

“If PSD’s attack against the criminal codes had not been stopped, it would have been a national disaster”, he added.

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