Happy New Year! Royal Family sends message to Romanians. Former Prince Nicolae: An unjust year has passed

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The Royal Family wishes Romanians ‘A New Year full of joy, luck, health and fulfilment’, while former Prince Nicolae says that although ‘a difficult and deeply unfair year has passed’ that has taken away his country, his respect for King Mihai ‘remains untouched’.
“On the eve of the new year, 2016, Their Majesties King Mihai and Queen Ana, together with the entire royal family, wish you a New Year full of joy, luck, health and fulfilment! Happy celebrations! Happy New Year!” reads a message addressed to Romanians and published on Thursday on the official blog of the Royal Family of Romania.
On the other hand, former Prince Nicolae of Romania, who currently uses the name Nicolae Mihai de Roumanie Medforth Mills, has also sent a message to Romanians on the New Year’s Eve.
“A tough and profoundly unfair year has passed, that has taken away my country and took me away from you in an exile I have accepted. Respect for His Majesty remains steadfast. I wish you New Year full of joy, health and fulfilment,” wrote on Thursday Nicolae Mihai de Roumanie Medforth Mills on his Facebook page.

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