Harghita County Council asks PM Ciolos to help solve the problems caused by bear attacks

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County Council (CJ) Harghita has asked Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos for help to solve the problems caused by the attacks of bears, proposing, among other things, the reconsideration of national legislation and a review of the European one, as well as the granting of compensation for people attacked by these animals.

The letter addressed to the prime minister and approved on Thursday by a special sitting of the Harghita County Council, shows that the county is facing a situation that threatens the life and the health of the population, as the damages caused by bears in 2015 are higher by 50% against the previous year and the number of victims of the attacks of these animals has doubled.

According to the document, a review of national legislation and a review of the European one are needed. Advisers warn that on their way to procure food, the bears come into areas inhabited by humans, and in addition to material damage, there are increasingly more attacks of bears on humans.

“The population of bears in Harghita County is well above the average recorded in Europe. In Europe there are about 17,000 bears, most of them of the species of Carpathian bear, more than 7,000 of them, of which 80% live in Romania. The territory for each of them has diminished substantially,” reads the letter to the Prime Minister.

“Although it is a protected species, we should stress, however, that human life is first,” reads the letter.

Prime Minister is required to support these proposals to be included in the national legislation.

This year the Environmental Protection Agency was informed about 46 damages caused by wild animals in Harghita, 80% of the cases involving bears. They killed domestic animals, especially cattle, sheep or pigs and destroyed several beehives in search of honey.

Also this year, three Harghita individuals were attacked by the bears when in the woods, but none of them was mortally wounded.


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