Head of Romanian Orthodox Church: If we carry on abortions, we’ll perish as nation


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Patriarch Daniel, the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) has voiced concern in his speech on Annunciation over the demographic decline in Romania, warning that we’ll perish as a nation of the population carries on abortions, basilica.ro reported.

If we, as Romanian people, carry on abortions, some millions from 1960 up to the present, we’ll perish as a nation. We are on a demographic decline,” the Patriarch told his sermon on Annunciation mass.

He also reminded about the „March for Life”, held in March in the past years, which has become „very popular”.

We were happy about he March for Life last Saturday. Most of those attending this march in favour of life and in favour or pregnant women are youngsters, but also older people. The March for Life has a spiritual aspect, as abortion in the canon church law is called infanticide, but the march has also a social purpose, namely that less and less children are born.”

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