Health authorities warn over fake news on COVID-19 infections report

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The Strategic Communication Group (GCS) has warned today over some fake news assigned to the secretary of state on emergency situations, Raed Arafat, allegedly sent to the Public Health Departments across the country. The message is drafted to leave the impression that Arafat is asking the pubic health bodies to report false data about infections and deaths.

GCS says that the fake message is sent by a false email address:mail, which doesn’t belong to any government institutions and which uses a similar, but partial succession of letters that make up the internet domain of the Government.

“The text is conceived to leave the impression that the Public Health Departments are asked to report fake numbers of infections and deaths. It is a fake message and we call on the good-faith mass media to not promote this type of messages especially designed to induce the idea that the public reported figures are not real”, GCS says in a press release.

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