Health Minister: Between 82 to 85 percent of coronavirus infections have a mild to moderate form


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Interim Health minister, Victor Costache said that between 82 to 85 percent of the cases of patients infected with Coronavirus develop a mild to moderate form of the disease, warning over “the impressive amount of fake news” spread in the public opinion and that it has been also used as “an electoral weapon”.

“What it’s important to remember: the coronavirus is a a mild or moderate form of flu in most of the cases and tens of thousand of patients worldwide recovered and are healthy at the moment. We are far from the apocalyptic scenario featured in some articles: the deadly virus”, the minister said.

He argued that the fake news represented “a natural reaction, fear of the unknown.”

“We are also in an electoral period and this situation is used as an electoral weapon as well, an idea to generate fear. It’s important to tell the truth and people will eventually understand. It’s also important we stay focused on the measures to isolate the case in Gorj and to prevent an accelerated evolution on Romania’s territory”, Costache added.

The minister said the vaccine against Covid-19 will most probably developed in about one year.

“This coronavirus may become a new type of virus, such as the seasonal flu. So, the coronavirus might return in a new form the upcoming years. It will probably be easier next year (…) The virus will probably get milder during the summer, not spring. However, the particularity is that it can persist on surfaces a long period of time”, the minister said.


In his turn, the manager of “Matei Bals” Infectious Disease Institute in Bucharest, Adrian Streinu-Cercel told Digi24 that this Covid-19 virus is “ten times weaker than the normal flu virus” and basic hygiene rules are crucial in this situation. He said there at least four types of coronavirus in Romania, but others than the ones that give respiratory or digestive infections.

“Covid-19 is ten times weaker than the flu virus. But, considering that we have a new germ that has not been in circulation so far, everybody is on alert and it’s normal. I mean, the medical environment (…) We have four types of coronavirus on Romania’s territory, but others than the ones that give respiratory or digestive infections,” Streinu-Cercel said.

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