Health Minister: Irregularities found at the Transplant Agency and 4 hospitals, prosecutors and ANI notified. Part time employee has signed feasibility contract


Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu has announced on Wednesday that the report of the Health Ministry’s Control Body revealed irregularities at the National Transplant Agency and four hospitals, there is also suspicion regarding public spending, so that complaints will be filed regarding possible criminal deeds of forgery and use of forgery and also complaints to the National Integrity Agency (ANI) for conflict of interests and incompatibility, reports.

The medical units where irregularities were found by inspectors are in Braila, Alba Iulia, Resita, Ploiesti county hospitals regarding the development of a European project for donation and transplant.

The minister said he decided to notify the National Integrity Agency to check if there is a possible conflict of interest and incompatibility in signing the civil agreements.

Vlad Voiculescu said that there are suspicions about the way public money was spent.

He cited the example of buying a feasibility study as the documents were signed by the institution’s chauffeur, who was employed part-time at the procurement department. He told the Control Body he did not know what he had signed.

“The institutions for criminal investigations will be notified for possible criminal offenses, forgery and use of forgery,” the Minister of Health said.

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