Health minister: Medicines in Romania to have the cheapest European price


Health minister Nicolae Banicioiu informed on Monday that starting July 1 Romania will have the lowest European price for medicines, heralding that the entire procedure of price cut was concluded following discussion with EC, IMF and with producers and distributors.

“Starting July 1 Romania is switching to the lowest medicine price in Europe, as it should be. Prices cannot be similar to those in the countries with stronger GDP. There have been discussions with the European Commission, with IMF, with the associations of drug producers and distributors, with pharmacy chains so that there shouldn’t be any distribution and supplying problems,” Banicioiu said.

He mentioned that all new prices have a 20 percent cut and have been posted on the Health Ministry’s website.

PM Ponta had announced the 20 pc cut in medicines in a Facebook post on Sunday.

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