Health minister: Patient burnt at Floreasca hospital not allergic to iodine, operated by resident physician


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Health minister Victor Costache, has presented the conclusions of the check conducted by the ministry’s control body in the case of the 66yo woman burnt at a Floreasca Hospital and who eventually died over the severe burns. The minister said the patient was not allergic to iodine, as the hospital initially reported, and moreover, she was operated by a resident physician.

Minister Costache also said the woman was wrongly diagnosed, and this would be a first bug mistake of the medical team that handled her case.

“There was no element to point she was allergic to iodine”, the Health minister stated, after the ex-chief of surgery, Mircea Beuran had initially announced.

Costache revealed that the patient had told doctors before the surgery that she was allergic to furazolidone, but it came to iodine as a declarative fact and there no more tests run to confirm the allergy.

The minister also said that it was the reason for which the biocide based on alcohol had been “wrongly” used. The biocide had “a major risk to lead to a combustion”.

Another mistake was to for the doctors to use an electric scalpel together with the alcohol based biocide.

The minister also disclosed that ‘none of the doctors in the operating team was not on call that day’ and that the woman had been operated by a resident physician.

“A resident physician intervened in the morning and after that a specialist doctor, who was called from home, came in, instead of the primary physicians who were on call in the hospital at that time”, the minister said, also announcing a new check will be conducted at Floreasca Hospital.

In her turn, Mioara Coman, the chief of the state health inspection, said that the resident physician used a high quantity of biocide based on ethanol, for sterilization.

Floreasca Emergency Hospital has been fined in this case yesterday, while surgeon Mircea Beuran, the coordinator of the surgery in that case, has been dismissed from the position of chief of surgery.

Another patient would have been burnt at Floreasca

Minister Victor Costache also revealed that another patient, a woman, would have been burnt at Floreasca Hospital in the summer of last year, during a surgery, but the case is currently being investigated and the information are not clear for the time being.

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