Health Ministry says second fake doctor traced down

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The Health Ministry has announced on Friday that, following the checks conducted, another fake physician has been traced down.

“Following the checks carried out by the Bucharest Public Health Directorate, a second similar case has been traced, after the illegal issuance of a seal code,” the Ministry informs.

The ministry representatives say a Police and Prosecutor’s Office investigation is ongoing and that information about this case cannot be released, reports.

The ministry also underlines that this second person is no longer providing medical services.

Matteo Politi, the Italian who graduated only 9 grades and impersonated a physician, performing plastic surgery in Romania, has been remanded for 30 days. He had been caught at Curtici customs, trying to flee from Romania.

Politi, aka Matthew Mode, is charged with fraud. His lawyer claims the graduating diploma issued by the Medicine University in Pristina has been attested by the Education Ministry.

The Italian received the seal code from the Medical Bureau for Information and Bio-statistics on March 23, 2018. The employee who issued the document has been disciplinary transferred until the investigation is completed, the Public Health Directorate informs.

In a close development, lawyer Monica Cercelescu, Communication Director with the National Guild of Bars, has told Europa FM on Friday that Matteo Politi was helped by a fake lawyer.

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