Health ministry’s check reveals the Floreasca Unit for Burnt is not operational

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The checks carried out by the Health Ministry’s control body confirm that the Care Unit for serious burns within Floreasca Hospital is not fully operational, reads a press release issued on Tuesday.

The Care Unit for serious burns with Floreasca Emergency Hospital is not operational yet, despite the statements by the previous heads of the hospital and despite the official inaugurations in the past months,” reads the report presented by the Ministry’s Control Body following the investigation conducted during April 26-29.

The investigators say that the authorities have received contradictory information from the hospital’s management in the past 6 months.

During the control visit the control body saw that not all the medical staff hired here was at work, some of them being engaged in the activity of other wards (Intensive Care Unit, plastic surgery).

The investigators also say that the unit had no fire exit and lacked the procedures of the burnt patient’s access in the unit, as well as other procedures and treatment protocols.

Despite the operating room of the unit was fully equipped and functional, the hyperbaric chamber is not set, the air conditioning is not working properly and there is no optimum environmental temperature for treating a seriously burnt patient, while the six single-bed wards, despite their adequate facility, have never been used for the burnt patients’ accommodation and treatment until the control’s date,” also reads the report.

The Health Ministry says that the hyperbaric chamber was not functional despite the fact there is a reception protocol for its acquisition. Besides, the chamber had been already paid based on the alleged activation.

Moreover, the control body also found out that the wards outside the care unit for burns were used as storehouses for various medical stuffs.

The control body decided to inform the Romania’s Court of Accounts about the deficiencies discovered, to notify the National Agency for Public Procurement for potential breaches related to the procurement contract for the medical equipment and to also notify the Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court for potential criminal deeds regarding the hyperbaric chamber and the payment of its counter value to the supplier SC. Gemedica Ltd.

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