39yo woman dies of COVID-19 without having other diseases


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A 39-year-old woman from Alba Iulia who had no other underlying medical condition has died after being diagnosed with SARS-CoV2. The woman arrived at the hospital at the end of last week, with doctors saying that her lungs were partly destroyed, although she was stable. Her condition got worse all of a sudden and she died during the weekend.

She was admitted in the intensive care unit when she arrived at the hospital as she was suspect of extended bilateral pneumonia typical to COVID-19. She tested positive for coronavirus. Her condition was stable for some time, but she suddenly had a heart attack,” said Dan Crainic, medical director of Alba Iulia Emergency Hospital.

“Her lungs were looking very bad, her lungs were compromised, practically she had no pulmonary surface to breathe”, the doctor added.

He said that the virus’ manifestations are unexpected and that the severe forms of the infection looks like that with patients being relatively OK and then collapsing all of a sudden.

On Wednesday, June 24, the number of new daily COVID-19 cases reached 321 new infections, while the total number of coronavirus cases in the country stood at 24,826.

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