4th case of Covid-19 infection with the new UK strain detected in Suceava

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A fourth case of coronavirus infection with the new UK strain has been detected in Romania: a 39-year-old man from Suceava who has returned from UK on January 5.
The man is under home quarantine, as he developed symptoms right after he had arrived in Romania. He tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on January 9 and was hospitalized in the town hospital of Siret, whereof he was transferred to the County Hospital of Suceava on January 11.
He was discharged from hospital on January 22, but he came back two days later. He is still in hospital for further checks and treatment.
According to the epidemiological inquiry, the man had four direct contacts, and they are all under quarantine.

This is the fourth officially reported infection with the new UK strain in Romania, with a first case detected early this month and the last two confirmed at the end of last week.


Romanian researcher in UK: The new strain can make the infection up to 20pc more severe

Ștefan Dascălu, a Romanian researcher at Oxford told Digi 24 that the British strain of the coronavirus is more dangerous, as it is unpredictable, more contagious and can make the infection be up to 20% more severe in some cases.

“The mutation is affecting the capacity of the virus to infect cells, so it is more efficient when it comes to enter human cells and thus the infection can be triggered more easily.

More additional studies are needed, but apparently, during the infection, this might influence also the progress of the disease, make it up to 20% more severe in some cases. It is not a very good outlook.

Now it has been proved that the new strain is also up to 70% more infectious, with major implications on the public healthcare efforts. The infection itself is also likely to have a more severe, more aggressive display”, the Romanian researcher explained.

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