55% of Romanians want to get vaccinated this year, survey says


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More than a half of Romanians want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 this year, according to the latest INSCOP Research and Verifield survey, conducted in partnership with Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

Among those who refuse the anti-Covid jab, most of them say they fear the side effects and they do not trust the efficiency of the vaccine.

55.% of the Romanians say they will take the jab against the novel coronavirus this year, 39.4% do not intend to do it, while 5.4% don’t know or did not answer.

Among those who want to get vaccinated, 42% are aged from 18 to 29, compared to 72% of the elderly over 60.

Among those who don’t want to take the vaccine, 49% say their decisions is final, while 49% say they could change their opinion in the future. 2 percent don’t know or did not answer.

The main reasons invoked by those who are against the vaccine are the fear for the side effects and the mistrust in the vaccine or even the disbelief in the existence of the virus.

  • possible side effects – 30.9%
  • disbelief in the existence of the vaccine – 26.8%
  • not enough information about the anti-COVID immunization – 14.7%
  • don’t believe in the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – 12.7%
  • are anti-vaxxers as a general rule – 5.8%
  • another reason – 8.2%
  • did not answer – 0.9%

The survey shows that 63.8% of the Romanians opine that the coronavirus epidemic is real and dangerous to the health, 17.2% think the pandemic is real, but it poses no danger to the health, 10.4% claim the pandemic is a lie, wile 4% don’t know or did not answer.

76% of the respondents consider that the vaccination is the most efficient way to defend oneself against some diseases, while 21.4% do not agree to that.

62.4% of Romanians trust the official information they are getting about vaccines. 33.9% do not trust them, while 3.7% provided no answer.

Almost three quarters (70.4%) of the respondents believe that the benefits of vaccination are higher than the risks, 21.4% disapprove, while 8.1% don’t answer.

According to the survey, 65.8% of the Romanians say they have never got vaccinated in the past 5 years against any disease, 12.7% said they took a jab only one time in five years, 7.8% say they have vaccinated two or three times in 5 years and 0.5% more frequently.

In the view of 54.8% of the respondents, mass vaccination against COVID-19 will stop the epidemic, 33.7% consider the contrary, while 11.5% don’t know.

At the same time, 83% of the Romanians claim that the vaccination against the novel coronavirus must be a personal choice, 16.4% consider that vaccination should be mandatory.

Most of the respondents (54.2%) trust much and very much the approval procedure of the anti-Covid 19 vaccines produced by various companies from the EU, 50.4% trust a lot the process carried out by companies in the U.S., and 45% trust the companies in Romania.

26.3% also trust the vaccines produces in China, and 25.9% the ones in Russia.

The survey was carried out during January 13-February 3 on a sample of 1,200 people, by phone.

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