86yo woman, the 1,000,000th person vaccinated in Romania

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Romania has reached the threshold of 1 million people vaccinated. The 1,000,000th Romanian vaccinated a day ago was a 86-year-old woman with motor deficiencies and neurological issues. The woman, who had a good mental shape despite the physical problems, was vaccinated by Valeriu Gheorghita, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign at the University Hospital in Bucharest.

The doctors from the University Hospital said: “The woman is OK. She was very pleased, she told us she is happy she managed to appoint to take the jab”.

Attending the event, PM Florin Citu said that the entire vaccination campaign is going well and Romania ranks among the first EU states on vaccination.
“We have the 1millionth person vaccinated in Romania. You’ll se things will go much faster from now on. The initial target was to have almost one million persons vaccinated by the end of March,” the PM said.

Citu added that the goal to have 10.4 million Romanians vaccinated by the end of September this year remains.

On the other hand, he warned it is not yet time for relaxing restrictions, while calling on the citizens to continue obeying the rules and wearing face masks.

I see everywhere people traveling by metro or on the street who were no mask. We cannot allow that at this point”, said the premier.

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