Cantacuzino Institute is working on two products, one of them a flu vaccine

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A Polidin-like product and a flu vaccine are being developed at Cantacuzino Military Medical Research Institute, the director of the institute, colonel doctor Florin Oancea announced on Tuesday.

Oancea said that, at present, a trial on 200,000 egg embryos is underway for the flu vaccine.

We know that during 2011-2013 there have been problems with this vaccine, both in terms of product and also of production. What we are trying now is to have a safe product (…) I hope we have a safe product by the end of this year”, the doctor said.

Depending on the tests, the flu vaccine might be available on the market next year.

As for the Polidin product, it will be rendered to the market as food supplement, as Oancea said.

We are trying to produce it in safe conditions and to launch it on the market as food supplement, In order for us. It will be more complicated to put it on the market as a medicine and it takes a lot of time. We hope it will be on the market in one or two years”, Oancea added.

Polidin was an immunomodulator vaccine invented in Romania at the Cantacuzino Institute and licensed in 1966.

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