Checks and fines announced after 1,000 people in the 3rd vaccination phase would have taken the jab

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Over 1,300 people who are included in the third phase of vaccination against COVID-19 are in the national vaccination register, which means they either skipped the line or it is an error, Health minister Vlad Voiculescu said today.
He announced that checks will be conducted across the vaccination centres and that doctors from the centres with such problems will be subject to disciplinary investigations, while Government will decide sanctions for the situations when the vaccination strategy is not observed.

Voiculescu said that 1,353 people from the third phase of the vaccination campaign are registered as being vaccinated during January 15-23.

“It is either an error or they jumped to the head of the line. At this point we have less vaccine doses than necessary and it is essential that authorities do not remain passive to inequities. The vulnerable ones must be protected!”, the Health minister underlined.

Mixed check teams consisting in representatives of the Health minister’s control body and public health experts will conduct checks across the vaccination centres.
“There are doctors who coordinated the vaccinations who will be subject to disciplinary investigations if found guilty”.

Moreover, the Health minister said that 30 percent of the vaccinations are scheduled outside the online platform, for people are going directly to take the jabs in centres that still use paper work.

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