Coronavirus death toll up to 198. 360 new cases, 4,417 overall. First healthcare professional dies of COVID-19

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The Strategic Communication Group has announced six more deaths due to Coronavirus on Tuesday morning. The victims’ age ranged from 44 to 94 and most of them had pre-existing medical conditions. The death toll has thus climbed to 198. The youngest victims among the latest cases aare a 46-year-old man returned from Germany, without pre-existing medical conditions and a 44yo woman from Arad.

Moreover, the first death of a healthcare professional has been reported in Romania tonight: an ambulance driver, aged 53, from Suceava. He had no pre-existing medical conditions. The man developed coronavirus symptoms on March 24. He was tested and the test came back positive on March 30. He self-isolated at home as he refused to be hospitalised. He died at home on April 7.

The ambulance driver had been working at the Suceava Ambulance Service for 20 years, just like his father did. His colleagues said he had started to feel sick two weeks ago, he tested positive for coronavirus on March 30 but he preferred to undergo the treatment at home. The doctors from the ambulance service said they had talked with their colleague every day, telling him how to take the treatment.


At the same time, 360 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Romania in the past 24 hours, with the total number climbing to 4,417.

Among those 4,417 people infected, 460 were declared cured and were discharged from hospitals.

There are currently 274 patients at intensive care, by 100 more than the previous report (179).

Health minister Nelu Tataru said we cannot talk about relaxing restrictions yet as the peak of the coronavirus epidemic has not been reached yet in Romania. The minister explained that only after mid-May we can relax restrictions, as the peak is expected in the second half of April.


Death 177: Woman, aged 67 from Mehedinti. Admitted to the county hospital of Drobeta Turnu Severn on April 4 with acute pneumonia. Transferred to intensive care on April 5, tested positive for COVID-19 on April 6. She died on April 6. She had a pre-existing chronic lung disease. The death occurred while the patient was being transferred to Craiova Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

Dath 178: Man, aged 60 from Ialomița. Admitted to Slobozia on April 4 with acute respiratory failure, shortness of breath. Transferred to intensive care on Apirl 5. Tested positive for coronavirus on April 6, he had died on April 5.

Death 179: Man, aged 66 in Alba. Admitted at Alba Iulia county hospital at the cardio unit with recent acute heart attack, coronary heart disease, mitral insufficiency, hypertension. He was tested for COVID-19 on April 6, the result came back positive on the same day. He died on April 6. Pre-existing conditions: coronary heart disease, obesity. He lived in Cluj, but he was visiting his daughter in Alba county before hospitalisation.

Death 180: Man, aged 94, Arad county. Admitted to Arad county hospital on April 4, with acute respiratory insufficiency. He tested positive on April 6, he had died on April 4. Pre-existing conditions: chronic heart disease, atrial fibrillation.

Death 181: Man, aged 55 from Sălaj. Admitted at Zalau Hospital on April 4 with bilateral acute pneumonia. He tested positive for coronavirus on April 6, died on the same day. He had a previous chronic lung disease.

Death 182: Woman, 70yo from Bucharest. Admitted to Sf Ioan Hospital, later on transferred to Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious Diseases. Tested positive for COVID-19 on April 2, died on April 6. She had chronic heart disease.

Death 183: Man, aged 69 from Suceava. Transferred to the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Iasi with a severe form of SARS-COV 2 infection, complications on March 25. He tested positive for COVID-19 on march 24. He died today, April 7. Pre-existing conditions: type 2 diabetes, mixed anemia.

Decath 184: Man, aged 46 from Neamt. The patient had returned from Germany on April 16. Hospitalised on April 26 at Iasi Hospital for Infectious Diseases. He tested positive for COVID-19 on March 26. He died on April 7. He was not known with any pre-existing medical conditions.

Death 185: Man,  aged 63 from Arad.

Death 186: Man, aged 74 from Arad. He had hypertension.

Death 187 Man, aged 55  from Arad.

Death 188 Woman, aged 44 from Arad.

Death 189 Man, aged 93, Arad.

Death 190 Man, aged 87, Arad. He had a cardiovascular disease.

Death 191 Woman, aged 52, Arad. Pre-existing conditions: type two diabetes, heart attack, obesity.

Death 192 Woman, aged 73,  Arad. Pre-existing conditions:  type two diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bowel cancer.

Death 193 Man, aged 81, Sibiu. Pre-existing conditions: prostate cancer, hypertension, chronic neurological disease.

Death194 Man, aged 83, Suceava. Pre-existing conditions: hypertension, stroke, dementia.

Death 195 Woman, aged 50, Suceava. Dead at home.

Death 196 Man, aged 71, Suceava. He was admitted with  intracerebral hemorrhage and diabetes.

Death 197 Man, aged 69, Suceava. He had undergone a surgery of pulmonary artery thrombosis.


The flu vaccine will prevent the co-infection, during the next autumn and winter season, with the flu virus, but also with the new coronavirus, Alexandru Rafila, the president of the Romanian Microbiology Society has said today during on inline conference on the vaccination in Romania, also lobbying for a vaccination law, considering the evolution of the coronavirus situation.

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