Coronavirus death toll up to 282. 265 new cases, 5,467 overall. 183 patients in intensive care


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Other 12 deaths have been announced on Saturday morning, with the coronavirus death toll climbing to 282. The age of the latest victims ranges from 27 to 81yrs old. Most of them had pre-existing medical conditions. The youngest victim, a 27yo woman from Neamt was suffering of cancer.

Nine other people have died of coronavirus, with their deaths being announced on Friday morning. The death toll is thus climbing to 265. The victims had all pre-existing medical conditions, while their age ranged from 45 to 84 years old.

Until today, April 10, 5,467 cases of coronavirus infections have been announced in Romania, with 265 new ones reported. 729 were declared cured and were discharged from hospitals.

At present, there were 183 patients admitted in intensive care.

On Thursday night the death toll stood at 248 and it was the day when the highest number of victims was announced-28.

At the same time, Thursday reported a high number of new cases, Authorities, 441 new cases of coronavirus, with the total number surging to 5,202, thus exceeding a new threshold of 5,000 infected people.

The deaths 249, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257 are a 79yo man from Arad with TB effects and coronary heart disease, a 45yo woman from Arad with obesity, a 66yo man from Gorj with heart failure, emphysema, cardiomyopathy, massive pleurisy, a 77yo woman from Bucharest with chronic kidney failure, a 74yo woman from Hunedoara with hypertension, a 69yo woman from Timis with cardiovascular disease (she had returned from Germany), a 49yo man from Mures with cardiovascular disease and hypertension, diabetes and obesity, kidney and liver diseases, hyperparathyroidism, a 76yo woman from Mures with diabetes, Parkinson and femur fracture and a 84yo man from Neamt with chronic kidney disease, on dialysis in a centre where other cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed.

Peak expected on April 20-5 April. New peak in November-December

Health minister Nelu Tătaru, said in Friday that, according to forecasts, an epidemic peak is expected in Romania somewhere during April 20-25 and that less and less cases will be reported starting mid-May, early June.

In his turn, the Romanian top microbiologist Alexandra Rafila says that another peak of COVID-19 infections is expected in November-December. However, he voiced hope that a treatment for corfonavirus is found out by then.

“I think Romania will exceed the number of 10,000 cases, there will probably be 12,000, 14,000 cases by the end of April. We’ll have another peak in November-December, I hope we have the necessary medicines by then. We received a donation of azithromycin from Sandoz for 10,000 patients. Another antiviral is on trial in Japan and China and we hope they will give us the formula, too to produce it,” said Alexandru Rafila.

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