Coronavirus death toll up to 631. One more doctor dies of COVID-19

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The novel coronavirus death toll has climbed to 631 in Romania over the weekend, with authorities announcing the second death among doctors. The doctor, aged 68, was specialised in internal medicine and was from Botosani. She had underlying medical conditions: diabetes , heart disease and hypertension.

The doctor was tested for COVID-19 on March 24, with the first result coming out negative. However, she was hospitalised in Botosani on April 19  and retested and the second test came out positive.  She was transferred to the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Iasi on April 24 where she died last night, around 03:30hrs.

The Strategic Communication Group informed that there were 11,339 COVID-19 cases in Romania by Monday, April 27, with 303 new infections. 3,141 patients recovered and they were discharged from hospitals, while 227 patients were currently in intensive care.


The other 10 latest victims were: a 65yo man from Iasi with hepatic steatosis and duodenal ulcer, a 79yo man from Iasi with hypertension, chronic kidney diseases, colon cancer, a 68yo woman from Botosani a 72yo woman from Bacau with diabetes, hepatitis and operated acute pancreatitis, a 41yo man from Mures with liver cirrhosis and kidney disease, a 59yo man from Mures woth hypertension, a 68yo man from Mures, part of the nosocomiale infection outbreak from the Targu Mures County Hospital who also had cardiovascular disease, with a stent in his heart, chronic kidney disease and fatty liver disease, a 97yo man from Galati, from the retirement home outbreak, with bilateral femoral artery occlusion, chronic ischemia on the left leg, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, a 61yo man from Galati, also coming from the retirement home with acute kidney insufficiency, cachexia and Alzheimer, a 85yo man from Botosani with dementia and coronary heart disease, a 71yo woman from Arges with coronary heart disease, impaired liver function, diabetes with complications, a 68yo woman from Alba with obesity and diabetes.


The novel coronavirus pandemic has reached 3 million cases worldwide, according to The death toll surged to 207,094, while 882,567 patients were recovered. The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. The country with the most cases reported yesterday was the U.S. (987,322), followed by Spain (226,629), Italy (197,675) and France (162,100). However, in terms of deaths, the U.S. reported only 2 yesterday, while Spain, Italy, France, but also Germany, UK, Turkey or Iran reported no death.

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