Coronavirus epidemic: Death toll climbs to 229 on Thursday. 441 new cases in the past 24hrs. 5,202 cases overall


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The death toll in the coronavirus epidemic climbed to 229 on Thursday morning.

Authorities in Romania have confirmed 441 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, with the total number surging to 5,202, thus exceeding a new threshold of 5,000 infected people.

There were 178 admitted in intensive care at present.
25,586 people were under institutionalised quarantine, while another 87,400 are in self-isolationa t home under medical supervision.

The last two victims are a 48yo woman from Vrancea who was suffering of stage two obesity and a 64yo woman from Bucharest who was suffering of cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

Other previous seven victims were all older than 60 and had pre-existing medical conditions.

Wednesday updates

Nine more deaths due to Coronavirus have been announced on Wednesday morning, with the death toll climbing to 215. The youngest victim was a 38yo woman from Constanta.

Until April 8 4,761 coronavirus cases had been confirmed in Romania. Among them, 528 were cured and discharged form hospital. Since Tuesday, 344 new cases have been confirmed,

At this moment, 162 patients are admitted in intensive care, a number that is on decline, as there were 274 patients in intensive care on Tuesday.

At the same time, Health minister has announced that another hospital, the one in Deva, had been put under military control, after Suceava county hospital, following the increased number of COVID-19 cases. Minister Tataru said the Deva hospital will have military management as long as it is necessary, but it will resume to a civil management after the epidemic peak ends.

The latest death cases (211, 212, 213, 214, 215) are a 53yo man from Suceava with pre-existing chronic heart failure, a 89yo man from Bucharest, with chronic cardiovascular disease, a 70yo man from Hunedoara, with hypertension, a 70yo man from Sibiu, with chronic cardiovascular, kidney and lung diseases and a 68yo man from Sibiu with chronic hepatitis and Parkinson disease.

Death 210 Woman, aged 60 from Mureș. Symptoms started on April 4 with fever, general fatigue and chest pain. Admitted at Targu Mures county hospital on April 5, transferred to Sighisoara on the same day. Confirmed with COVID-19 on April 6, dead on April 7. She had cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Death 209: Woman, aged 61, Hunedoara. Admitted to Orastie local hospital on April 2 with toxic hepatic cirrhosis, hypersplenism, ascites, grade two hepatic encephalopathy, pleurisy, gall. She died on April 2, confirmed with coronaovirus after death on April 7.

Death 208 Man, aged 64, Hunedoara. Admitted at intensive care at Hunedoara local hospital on April 4. He died on April 5, confirmed on April 7. Pre-existing conditions: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, heart insufficiency, obesity.

Death 207: Man, aged 63, Alba. He experienced the first symptoms of COVID-19 infection on April 1, treated at home, then hospitalised at Blaj Local Hospital with fever, coughing. Bilateral pneumonia, acute respiratory insufficiency, hypertension, obesity. Confirmed positive on April 5, he died on April 8.

Death 206: Man, 67yo, Hunedoara. He was admitted at Orastie hospital on April 2, transferred to Deva on April 6 with the diagnosis of myeloid metaplasia. He also had diabetes, respiratory insufficiency. He was confirmed positive on April 5, he died on April 7.

Death 205: Woman, aged 67, from Botosani. Hospitalised at the cardio unit in Botosani. Confirmed with coronavirus on April 7, she had died on April 5. Pre-existing medical conditions: type two diabetes, addicted to insulin, dilated cardiomyopathy, heart failure.

Death 204: Man, aged 90, Alba. He developed symptoms of fever, respiratory failure on April 6. Admitted on the same day at the county hospital in Alba Iulia, at intensive care with bronchopneumonia, acute respiratory failure, vein thrombosis. He tested positive on April 7, died on April 7.

Death 203: Woman, aged 76 in Bucharest. Admitted at Pantelimon Hospital on April 7 with acute respiratory failure, bronchopneumonia, needed mechanical ventilation. Confirmed on April 7. Pre-existing conditions: Obesity, type two diabetes, chronic kidney disease.

Death 202: Man, aged 57 from Bucharest. Confirmed on March 26. Transferred from Elias to Colentina hospital. He died on April 7. He had hypertension and diabetes.

Death 201: Woman, aged 90 from Bucharest. Symptoms started with fever and bad condition on April 4, confirmed with coronavirs on April 7. Transferred from Floreasca Hospital to Matei Bals on April 6. She died on April 7. She had hypertension.

Death 200: Woman, aged 38, Constanța. Symptoms started on March 23, admitted at intensive care on April 31, confirmed with coronavirus on April 1. No possible exposure identified without pre-existing medical conditions.

Decath 199 Woman, aged 61 from Mureș. Admitted at Tarnaveni hospital with severe dyspnea and severe retrosternal discomfort. She died on April 7. She had chronic liver disease, mitral insufficiency.

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