COVID-19 cases: Wave of hospitalizations at the infectious disease hospitals in Bucharest

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“Victor Babes” Hospital for Infectious Diseases from Bucharest “is full”, says infectious disease doctor Simin Aysel Florescu, who is also medical director of the hospital.

We relaxed. Everybody is happy. Some still think that this disease has never existed. Well, it does exist. And it is more and more… ‘Victor Babes’ Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases is full. We’re overwhelmed by the hospitalizations, groups of tens are coming, the test positive for coronavirus on a daily basis from Bucharest, Calarasi, Rosiori, Giurgiu… The Public Health Direction is searching for beds in hospitals. We are accepting as many as we still can, but under these circumstances we are already full. The intensive care unit is also filled, doctors and nurses in full action. It hasn’t been so in the beginning, briefly, on Thursday, June 18: 2,200 discharged, 1,700 confirmed with the virus. The diseases exists and can be so serious as you cannot imagine,” the doctor said in a Facebook post.


The other hospital for infectious diseases in Bucharest, “Matei Bals” has also announced on Thursday that it cannot accept COVID patients anymore, as the hospital is full up, all its 640 beds are taken.

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