COVID-19 death toll reaches 898 in Romania. Project for recovered patients in Timisoara

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898 people have died of coronavirus in Romania by May 8, after authorities have reported ten more victims by Friday morning.

The age of the latest victims ranges from 60 and 81 and they all underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, kidney failure, obesity. Some had strokes or cancers.

Overall, 14,811 cases of COVID-19 infections have been reported in Romania on May 8, with 312 new ones in the past 24 hours.

6,423 people recovered, while 232 are still admitted in intensive care.


Almost 14,500 cases were reported overall in the country on Thursday. Suceava is still the county with the highest number of infections, over 3,100 confirmed cases and over 150 deaths, yet reporting a decline in the past days.

A decrease in cases is also found in Bucharest, which otherwise ‘boasts’ over 1,400 cases and almost 60 deaths, being the second hottest coronavirus zone in the country.

The unprecedented project in Timisoara

The patients who recovered from the coronavirus infections might be called to undergo a medical check after three months at the Timisoara Hospital for Infectious Disease, the coordinator of the COVID-19 ward, doctor Virgil Musta has proposed.

All patients who used to present lung changes upon admission in hospital or who had lung failure during hospitalisation.

“We want to check them after three months to see if the lung damage is maintained and if it does, the patients will be included in a lung recover programme in our hospital”, doctor Musta explained.

Doctors have discovered so far that COVID can prompt changes that could evolve in chronic lung or heart diseases.

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