COVID-19 death toll up to 1,202. The youngest victims – a 36yo woman and a 46yo man. 213 new cases in the past 24hrs

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The Strategic Communication Group has announced more deaths due to the COVID-19 infection this morning, with the youngest victim being a 46-year-old man from Bacau. The coronavirus death toll climbs to 1,202.

Another 5 people, aged from 49 to 84, have died of the noverl coronavirus in Romania, with the death toll being adjusted to 1,202 this afternoon.

Among the last victims there were also: a 75yo woman from Iasi with obesity, bladder neoplasm, right hemiplegia, a 46yo man from Bacau who also had hepatic cirrhosis, liver failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, ascites, hematological hypersplenism and a 85yo woman from Maramures who also had chronic heart disease, primary hypertension, stroke, a 36yo woman from Constanta who had high blood pressure, a 68yo woman from Suceava with chronic kidney disease, undergoing dialysis, a 94yo man from Cluj who was suffering of bilateral pneumonia, dementia, stroke, a 96yo man from Suceava with prostate cancer and atrial fibrillation.


18,283 Romanians have tested positive for the new coronavirus so far since February 26 till May 25. 11,630 of them recovered. 213 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours, and 200 new cases also reported on Sunday, May 24, for the first time in the past 8 days, so higher than the previous days.

177 patients were admitted in intensive care units.

Horatiu Moldovan, secretary of state within Health Ministry says though that a single day of growing cases is not reason of concern, but warns that, if more days with higher number of infections are reported it will mean that the situation has worsened by easing restrictions.

“If several more outbreaks emerge, we’ll have to get back to more drastic measures. I hope it’s not the case. So, we call on the population again to understand that these measures are important and urge people not to mock at the results obtained so far”, the professor said.

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