COVID-19 infection rate gets over 6 in Bucharest. PM: Total lockdown not an option

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Bucharest has exceeded the critical threshold of 6 case of Covid-19 per 1,000 inhabitants (6.22 more precisely), the Capital prefect announced on Tuesday. It is the highest infection rate reached in Bucharest this year. The highest index was reported in Bucharest on December 11, 2020 – 7.04/1,000.

Prefect Alin Stoica asked all members of the municipal committee for emergency situations to send proposals in order to keep the pandemic under control.

At the same time, he expects a risk analysis report from the Public Health Directorate. After receiving this report, the prefect will convene the Bucharest Committee for Emergency Situations, most probably on Wednesday.

“Certain restaurants, terraces are not complying with the restrictions, there were those parties thrown, they are obviously potential outbreaks. We found out a young man who should have been quarantined at the terrace on the night of March 20 to 21,” the prefect said.

He used to say at Digi FM on Sunday that exceeding incidence of 6 doesn’t necessarily mean Bucharest will be automatically quarantined.

PM Florin Citu said though that total lockdown is not an option in the Capital city, but just in several districts. The premier told Bucharesters to ignore scenarios and wait for the authorities’ decisions.

Citu also stated that the infection rate is only one criteria to be considered when deciding to place a locality under quarantine. “There has never been a lockdown imposed just based on the infection rate. Experts will discuss, there is a meeting at the Healthy Ministry scheduled at 13:00hrs”.

As for schools, the PM said that they will remain open for the time being.

On the other hand, Education minister has asked the Health minister that schools should remain open even if the threshold of 6 infection rate is exceeded. His request comes as 8th and 12th graders are having simulations for the national exams these days.

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