Education ministry makes sudden change of the current school year over escalating Covid-19 infections

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The Education Ministry has announced a sudden change in the structure of the ongoing school year on Tuesday evening over the growing Covid-19 infections reported in Romania in the past days.

Therefore, the spring vacation will be extended all through the month of April and the summer holiday will thus be shortened by two weeks.

The ongoing second semester will end on July 2, instead of June 18, as it was initially, meaning two weeks later.

“The end of the second semester will move up two weeks. The spring vacation is extended by 2 more weeks, so two weeks of the spring vacation are practically moving to the summer vacation.

The school year is ending on July 2, except for the 8th and 12th graders who have national exams. The 8th graders will end the school on June 25, instead of June 11 and the 12th graders will end on June 18 instead of June 4. The pupils in the vocational and technical schools will end the year on July 23 instead of July 9,” minister Sorin Cimpeanu told a press conference.

The minister’s order will be published today.

The national exams for the 8th graders, the so-called National Evaluation exam for high school admission, will be also postponed from June 22-24 to July 5-8.

The Baccalaureate exam for the 12th graders will take place during the same initial interval: June 28-July 1.

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