Excess of anti-Covid vaccines in Romania, authorities ask for 4.4m less doses in June


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Romania has an excess of anti-Covid vaccines due to the low interest of the population for the jab against the novel coronavirus, so the national authorities have asked for the halt of deliveries of some batches.

So, 7 million doses of anti-Covid vaccine would have reached Romania in June, according to the scheduled agreed with the European Commission and, upon the request of the Romanian authorities, only around 2.6 million doses will be eventually delivered, by 4.4 million less.

So far, Romania has got 14,910,949 doses of anti-COVID vaccine, as following:

  • Pfizer – 9,968,849 doses, with 6,822,040 already administered to the population;
  • Moderna – 1,366,800 de doze, with 688,084 administered doses;
  • AstraZeneca – 2,988,000, with 829,000 administered doses;
  • Johnon&Johnson – 577,3000.

Health Ministry’s secretary of state, Andrei Baciu said that Romania should have received other 4,366,000 doses from Pfizer this month, but only 1,928,160 will be delivered and 835,200 from Moderna, but only 128,400 will be delivered.

“Right from the beginning the European Commission has concluded these contracts for a number of doses higher than the eligible population. There is in the contract the possibility of donating or selling the excess doses. We are not the only ones to have a surplus of doses, it’s everywhere in Europe“, Baciu said.


On the other hand, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Romania, military doctor Valeriu Gheorghita has warned that there is a “clear perspective of a new Covid-19 wave in Romania”, probably with the Delta version, which fueled the second devastating wave of the virus in India this spring and which it the most infection strain of the novel coronavirus discovered so far.

Gheorghita argued that the Delta Covid strain will become prevailing. He announced there is a concrete planning under consideration so that each vaccination centre should also have mobile teams to reach in all those over 2,800 villages in Romania in about one month, in the attempt to convince people to get the anti-Covid jab.

The coronavirus strain detected in India, also known as the Delta strain, is by 50% more contagious than the Alfa strain, first detected in the UK and is responsible for over 400,000 daily infections in India.

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