First doses of anti-Covid vaccines might reach Romania between Christmas and New Year

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The first doses of the anti-COVID vaccine might arrive in Romania right this year, between Christmas and New Year, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Romania, military doctor Valeriu Gheorghita told Digi24.

“If the authorization is issued on December 23, the first doses of vaccines will probably be delivered to Romania between Christmas and New Year and the vaccination can effectively kick off. Vaccines will be first administered to the medical staff in the front line of the anti-COVID fight”, the doctor said.

The vaccination can start right after delivery, one or two days after the vaccines arrive in Romania.

Gheorghiță also said that BioNTech and Pfizer will send to Romania an initial tranche of 10,000 vaccines to be administered to 5,000 employees of the hospitals, just in case two doses are needed for immunization.

“It is a symbolical tranche to be delivered to all 22 EU members states on the same day. The rest of the doses will be delivered as of January. We should receive around 600,000 doses for January, which cover an estimated number of 300,000 people. Subsequently, this quantity will increase one month to the next”, the military doctor said.

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