Gov’t concerning forecast: Romania might have 1,600 coronavirus cases per day in mid-August

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Romanian healthcare experts say that we might have up to 1,600 cases of coronavirus on a daily basis starting next month.

The explanatory note of the government resolution that extends the state of alert in Romania by 30 more days forecasts that the number of COVID-19 infections might reach 1,200-1,600 per day in mid-August.

“Considering the various constant average figures of confirmed cases for the upcoming period and taking into account the lack of relevant legislation for enforcing the specific measures to contain the spread of the infection can influence the evolution speed, especially during the summer season that prompts tourist overcrowding countrywide, we can expect the new cases double at 12-14 days. Starting mid-June, the evolution of new confirmed cases has followed the reproduction rate over unity. If this evolution trend is maintained, it could lead up to 1,200-1,600 cases on a daily basis in mid-August,” says the government’s explanatory note.

The Executive also argues that there is no scientific and reasonable reason to make the virus disappear or significantly reduce its contagious rate, considering the population lacks immunity to this infection. According to the Government, the progress reported in controlling the effects of the pandemic during the past weeks is constantly deteriorating and the positive effects achieved so far might disappear.

The growing number of infections has an adverse impact over the populations’ health, affects the healthcare system’s capacity and restricts the freedom of movement of the Romanians in 20 European states, with travel ban in three states (Lithuania, Finland and Malta).

“At this moment, it is obvious that the epidemiological evolution can only be managed by extending the state of alert”, the Government stressed.

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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    …”and the positive effects achieved so far “…. What are these? The effect of the lockdown was to ENSURE that there was a low level of immunity in the population. How can the authorities be surprised by the increase in case numbers now?

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