Gov’t to extend the state of alert by 30 more days. Doctors stand out to counter fake news on coronavirus

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The Government will extend the state of alert in Romania by 30 more days, sources told mass media, with a decision to be announced after the Government sitting on Wednesday.

The Executive won’t announce further relaxed measures either amid increasing COVID-19 infections. On the contrary, it’s possible that further restrictions are enforced, such as closing terraces after 10 p.m.

The current state of alert expires on July 16.

Extending the state of alert is decided by government resolution without the Parliament’s consent being needed anymore. The Parliament neither can amend the resolution.

Extending the state of alert after July 15 is almost imminent and quarantine imposed to certain localities is also possible if the legislation allowed it, Health Minister Nelu Tataru had said on Monday.

At this point there is no trend to reimpose a state of emergency. We are ready for a period of two weeks with a relapsing evolution of increasing infections, maybe 500, maybe 700 per day, it depends on the number of tests. Extending the state of alert after July 15 is almost imminent,” the Romanian minister of Health told B1TV on Monday evening.

He added that certain localities might be quarantine if the laws allowed it. The quarantine law is currently blocked in Senate, with Social Democrats opposing it.

The minister said he had never anticipated the lack of legislation on this issue, for the quarantine/isolation is the most needed instrument in case of a pandemic.

We anticipated many things, including the increase of infections after the lift of restrictions, but we have not anticipated the lack of laws. There are 12 countries that currently have various levels of restrictions against Romanians. That should raise some question marks. Others see what we don’t want to see,” the minister argued.
Tataru said that there will be ‘a game’ of the new cases in the coming 2 weeks.
The number of new infections will be high one day, low the other day. We’ll also see the B symptoms more. The last cases I saw did not developed respiratory symptoms, but digestive ones, besides fever they also had nausea, diarrhea“, said the minister, adding there will be “two weeks of fire”, recommending citizens to go see the doctors from the first symptoms.


Doctors take stand

Meanwhile, amid concerning wave of mistrust against the novel coronavirus, with some politicians and citizens stating they do not believe in the existence of the virus and urging to rebellion against facemasks and quarantine/isolation measures, more and more doctors in the frontline have taken stand, insisting on the importance of the masks, social distancing and hygiene and certifying the virus is as deadly as ever and people are indeed dying in hospitals.

The manager of the “Victor Babes” Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Timisoara, Cristian Oancea told the patients who don’t believe in the COVID-19 danger and who refuse the hospitalization although they have the virus to trust doctors, for they are neither torturers nor inquisitors. “We’ve come to despair, for there is nothing we can do anymore (…) We are tired and frustrated.”

Oance said that around 70% of the patients admitted lately believe in the conspiracy theory. The manager said that doctors are disarmed in front of this attitude, seeing that “all their work went down the drain”. “We are waiting for them in hospitals. We also have candles”, the manager said about the reluctant patients.

Another infectionist doctor, Simin Aysel Florescu, from “Victor Babeș” in Bucharest, has also sent a tough message to those who endorse the conspiracy theories that the virus doesn’t exist and who don’t want to wear facemasks.

She urged them to imagine a scenario when they would enter an intensive care unit without a surgical mask, next to the patients who can barely breathe.

“You don’t believe. OK. You don’t think you need a mask. OK. Well then, you’d better join us in an intensive care unit, next to a couple of so-called fake sick patients, who just pretend they have Covid. You enter without a mask, as you claim it’s useless and you stay there for 10 minutes while taking deep breaths. Near the patients who <don’t> have Covid. The ones that are ventilated or on a respirator, the ones who are struggling to breathe, with the despair of a man who’s drowning….Well, it seems it’s another life from the one in Victoriei Square where you climb boxes and shout for no reason, isn’t it? So, you should take a deeeep breath, exhale , maybe someone without a respirator happens to cough then ….Well, and you should wait for 6-7 days. And then you call us when it strikes you, what? that Covid that doesn’t exist. Do you have the guts? for all of you seem to be experts in words, you are all doctors….incredible”, reads the message of Simin Aysel Florescu.

In his turn, doctor Adrian Wiener, the coordinator of the COVID hospital in Arad told an interview to that Romanians who don’t comply with the prevention rules, who won’t wear surgical masks “mistake the irresponsibility with heroism”. “There is no solutions of technical manual on coronavirus,” Wiener says, adding that at this moment we must count on the things that have already proved their efficiency, such as wearing a facemask or washing hands frequently.


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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    Among all of this controversy and fake info is the one clear fact that this virus is here and everyone will be exposed to it sooner or later (this year, next year etc.), mask or no mask. The outcome depends on each individual’s immune system.

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