Health minister explains measures against coronavirus. Criminal prosecution for quarantine breach

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Health minister Victor Costache has announced on Tuesday that Romanians who are coming back from the countries affected by Coronavirus and who are breaking the quarantine measures will face criminal fines.

The minister invoked article 352 from the Criminal Code that envisages fines and even prison sentences for those who are preventing the disease control.

According to the article, breaking the measures on preventing or countering the infectious diseases, if they prompted the spread of such a disease, is punished from 6 months to 2 years in prison or criminal fine. If the deed is committed voluntarily the prison sentences ranges from one month to 6 months in prison or fine.

The measures for the Romanians who are coming from the affected areas:

  • Upon arriving in Romania, all travelers who have no symptoms who are coming from Hubei (China), from those 11 Italian localities or people who are still on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, will be directly placed under quarantine for 14 days.
  • All the other people who are coming from Lombardy and Veneto regions will be placed udner voluntary quarantine at home for 14 days upon arriving in Romania.

All people under quarantine will receive information and a set of rules to be followed, likewise the people who will be under house isolation will get another set of rules. The Public Health Institute will draft these materials and will deliver them in due time. The institute will also host a telverde phone number for those who want additional information about the coronavirus“, the Health minister said.

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