Health minister: Unvaccinated doctors to be tested on a regular basis if the Covid-19 infection rate is up

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Romanian Minister of Health, Ioana Mihăilă, announced that, if the incidence of Covid-19 cases increases beyond certain limits, the ministry will propose periodic testing of unvaccinated medical and medical staff, with the costs being covered by those tested.

“We will come up with a proposal, most likely, through which the unvaccinated medical staff will be tested on a regular basis precisely to ensure the safety of the patients they get in contact with. But this will only happen if Covid infection rate increases. Obviously, now, at such a low rate, the circulation of the virus does not support such a scenario”, the minister told Digi24 Sunday evening.

Minister Mihăilă mentioned that, at this moment, according to the INSP methodology, the incidence threshold is 1.5 per thousand inhabitants.

According to her, the costs of testing will not be borne by the public health system, but by the unvaccinated medical staff.

“Rapid testing or PCR testing with a certain frequency that is decided by the specialists, those from INSP. Only unvaccinated medical staff. (…) The costs will not be borne by the public health system, in principle the costs should be the responsibility of the person who is not vaccinated”, said Ioana Mihăilă.

She explained that certain professional categories need to think about the people they come in contact with, even if vaccination is optional.

Vaccination is optional, it is good for each of us to decide whether or not to vaccinate, but I think that for certain professional categories, such as medical staff, it is important to think about the people with whom this medical staff comes in contact. For instance, I refer to with vulnerable patients, those with chronic diseases, who have a lot of other conditions. In general, when we choose to be vaccinated, we must understand that it is a responsibility to our health, but it is also a great responsibility for the health of those around us and then I think it is the responsibility of the medical staff not to endanger those with whom I come in contact “, the minister pointed out.

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