Health minister warns citizens to observe social distancing rules during upcoming May 1 long weekend

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Health minister Nelu Tataru has warned the population on Thursday that it’s going be a long weekend of fire as the May 1 mini vacation approaches, arguing that all that is happening during these days “may overturn any coronavirus outbreak that is currently under way”.

The minister, who was paying a visit to Botosani, northeastern Romania, said he had seen “a lot of movement” on the streets of the city. He underlined that restrictions can be eased depending in the population’s attitude towards the epidemic.

“Considering the Easter celebrations were relatively quiet, we forecast 10,000-12,000 cases now this week. If the citizens respect social distancing rules during the mini vacation of May 1-3, we may see a downward trend in cases and in deaths till May 15. If that happens, we can consider measures to ease down the existing restrictions after May 15 when the state of emergency ends,” the minister explained.

However, minister Tataru warned there is a high chance that Botosani becomes the second Suceava, considering the high number of infections among doctors and nurses at the Botosani County Hospital.

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