Health minister: We consider travel bans in certain areas if there are outbreaks

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The Romanian authorities consider restricting the traffic in certain localities if new coronavirus outbreaks emerge, Health Minister Nelu Tataru told Digi 24 on Sunday. He said the situation on Prahova Valley mountain area and the seaside is reviewed, arguing that “rules are observed less up there”. However, he mentioned it’s not the case to impose quarantine across the travel destinations.

The minister said that the daily report on Sunday shows there is “a 4% infection rate”, and “there is an increase spread in the community”. He recommended citizens to observe the rules: to wear face masks, to observe social distancing and to disinfect their hands frequently.

“We have a medical system that is well trained, but the serious cases are on the rise, there is an increased virulence and the high risk categories are affected. I also saw young people affected“, Tataru said.

Health minister added that Romania has 4,000 beds in intensive are, with 3,000 of them “fully equipped”.

Tataru pointed out that the report of the daily cases should be done differently depending on the situation in each county.

“We must have review all that means tourism on Prahova Valley and at the seaside. Citizens from all over the country are going on vacation there and come back, potentially spreading the virus in their localities. In 3 or 4 days we’ll have a full report on the counties that registered increases”, Nelu Tătaru said.

Asked if quarantine is imposed in certain holiday spots, the minister denied, yet stressing that “economic operators there must observe the rules”.

“It’s not our intention to turn into a police state, the relaxation has been assumed, the entire tourism industry agreed on the rules, they should respect them now,” he argued.

PM Orban: Hadn’t been for strict quarantine/isolation rules, Romania would have been Italy squared

PM Ludovic Orban has said in his turn that, hadn’t been for the isolation and quarantine measures, Romania would have been ‘Italy squared”.

Asked about the actions the Government should take in case of a second COVID-19 wave, the premier replied:

Opinions are split on this issue. It’s not about a second wave yet. In order for a second wave to come, the first one should have pass first. But the first wave is not over (…) However, Romanians have been under restrictions, which is very hard to accept. Although we had a plan of gradually lifting restrictions to allow to resume activities, there is yet an attitude of neglecting the danger. This attitude has been mostly prompted by many stances of some irresponsible politicians, who urged people to break the rules, who minimised the risk of infection in their public speeches and who made many Romanians to not perceive the real risks of this epidemic”.

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