Health minister: We might return to the state of emergency

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Romanian Health minister Nelu Tătaru has launched a tough warning, saying that Romania might enforce the lockdown imposed in Italy or Spain few months ago. “If some of us are insistently asking for it, we might return to the state of emergency”, the minister underlined, referring to the fact that some people do not comply with the social distancing rules.

The official considers that Romania is going through a different episode of the COVID-19 epidemic right now that nobody wanted and for this ‘we all have a part of blame’.

Yet, minister Tătaru says that situation is under control and there are still chances that the curb of infections to flatten in two-three weeks and then to climb down. “We all have to make an effort for this“, he adds.

We can put various localities under quarantine if they met some criteria and if there is an increased community spread. For the time being, I don’t think we’ll return to the state of emergency, but if some of us are trying and are insistently asking for it, we might end up in lockdown“, the minister stated.

“Many of us must observe some rules, otherwise we’ll end up in the overcrowding of the medical system and to those images from Italy and Spain”, he added.

Nelu Tătaru said on Friday that the upcoming two weeks will be as difficult as so far. He warned that, besides the information campaigns on COVID-19, there were also a lot of misinformation, including coming from influencers and politicians, which prompted the population’s mistrust.

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  1. Sss says

    State of emergency won’t happen because it is unaffordable. My opinion.

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