How Adrenaline Affects Your Health

4 Best Adrenaline Sports That Are Good For Your Health

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Adrenaline is often associated with fear and danger. This hormone increases your strength and energy. And it also results in euphoria caused by the secretion of endorphins. Thus, many people are seeking an adrenaline rush practicing extreme sports. But is adrenaline good for you? And why does it make you stronger? Check this page to find out!


For many people, the word “adrenaline” is associated with risk, fear, and thrill. What explains this analogy? And what role does this hormone play in the human body? There are many sports and activities that generate an adrenaline rush. The body produces this hormone when you experience intense emotions, as well as when you face extreme situations. The adrenaline rush increases your heart rate and breathing. When it occurs, we feel an increase in strength and energy as well as euphoria and invincibility.

How to control the adrenaline rush? A safer way to trigger this reaction without endangering yourself is to step outside your comfort zone. For example, you can try doing something new and unusual, meet new people, or travel to an unfamiliar place. All these things will contribute to an additional power surge. Another way to get adrenalized is to expose yourself to frightening and risky situations. Otherwise speaking, you can watch a horror movie late at night or try extreme sports. However, you have to carefully consider all the pros and cons. Your desire to get a shot of adrenaline should not cost you life. Thus, it is always essential to think about proper equipment and protective measures in advance.

Every individual has his/her own peak emotional response. And we need to attain this state from time to time. Otherwise, the inability to satisfy this need can affect frustration or even depression. Although this hormone is evolutionary in nature, it is possible to provoke an adrenaline rush artificially.  As it often goes together with the secretion of endorphins that make people happy and excited, for many of them, living on the edge is not just a hobby, but a vital necessity.

But is adrenaline good for you? Or can it kill you? Startlingly, the answer to both these questions is “Yes”. Let’s sort out if adrenaline makes you stronger and what impact it has on your health!

Why Does Adrenaline Make You Stronger?

Once you have got a shot of adrenaline, it quickly prepares your body for the emergency response. The hypothalamus receives a distress signal and passes it on the rest of your body through the sympathetic nervous system. This signal enters the adrenal medulla which responds with the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. The hormone increases the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles, suppressing other, non-emergency processes.

The reaction triggered by adrenaline causes the bronchi and smaller air passages to dilate to provide the muscles with the extra oxygen they need to fight danger or escape. This hormone causes the blood vessels to contract in order to redirect blood to the major muscle groups, the heart, and lungs.

The ability to feel pain is also reduced by adrenaline secretion, which makes it possible to keep running or to fight the danger, even if injured. Adrenaline causes a sufficient increase in strength and performance and also drives brain activity during stressful moments. There is the concept of “Adrenaline junkie” referring to a person with a very high threshold of the peak emotional response. To achieve a surge of emotion, they need additional stimulus, for example, driving a car at high speed or jumping with a parachute.

The adrenaline rush can also result in the phenomenon called hysterical strength. It refers to people demonstrating episodes of remarkable strength in critical emergencies. One of such cases was described by Psychology Today. The incident took place in 1982 when Angela Cavallo rescued her son pinned under a car that was being repaired. The woman lifted a vehicle weighing 3.500 pounds! Well, adrenaline can definitely make you stronger. But you do not always need to endanger yourself or your beloved ones to get a shot of adrenaline. Moreover, some extreme sports can be even good for your health.

Adrenaline Sports That Are Good for You

BASE jumping

Freefall from rocks, in which athletes maneuver between sharp peaks, is probably the first thing that occurs to you when you hear “BASE jumping”. By definition, base jumping implies jumping from high-rise objects and constructions. First of all, these are skyscrapers, bridges, and natural land elevations: steep cliffs and mountain peaks. Base jumpers wear a parachute and a special wingsuit. Such equipment allows them to slow down their speed of descent. Just after the jump, the base jumpers “float” maneuvering among objects. Then, they open their “wings”, which allow them to perform all sorts of tricks.

Why is it safer than it seems? Special equipment and a wingsuit prevent you from getting injured. If you do not perform difficult tricks, the potential for injury is minimal. On the other hand, you will get the adrenaline rush together with joy and satisfaction.


People seeking a thrill choose skydiving to gain unforgettable flying experience. After leaving the plane, a person finds himself in a state of free fall, occurring at a staggering speed of 180-200 km/h. The parachute helps to stop this rapid downward movement, allowing you to land on the ground smoothly. Skydiving requires certain training. You can start with a simple jump, preparing for which takes only one lesson. If you came to the airfield with a strong determination to feel the magical power of soaring in the sky, this is quite enough to complete the first jump.

Considering you follow all safety instructions, this will be a calculated risk resulting in a good adrenaline rush.

Jet surfing

This is a comparatively new extreme sport dated back to 2008. The first jet surf was invented and developed by an experienced Czech engineer who failed to enjoy surfing in Hawaii. It is true that those moments off the hook are incomparable with the long and enervating process of riding a wave. Martin decided to take it under control and equipped a motorized surfboard that made surfing more comfortable. As a result, he has created a revolutionary device that allows you to ride steep waves and enjoy surfing in calm water without depending on the vagaries of weather.

One of the best ways to start jet surfing is to visit a You can find there all the necessary equipment as well as intense training with professionals and recreation facilities.


In this sport, a person levitates with his own “wings” catching the currents of the wind. To get started, you need a hill with at least a slight slope. The glider itself is not motorized, so the athlete can only rely on luck and his own agility. Most often hang gliders start off by running down the mountainside. When they reach the appropriate speed, the glider takes off. You can also accelerate the aircraft to the desired speed by using towing or aero-towing. Hang gliders sometimes use a hot air balloon as a towing vehicle.

In Wrapping Up

Extreme sport is the balancing between victory and real danger. It gives you a chance to challenge the forces of nature and to show what you are made of. And adrenaline is an integral part of this. If you are seeking a flight-and-fight response, extreme sports is the best way that can also improve your health. Those who practice extreme sports are usually fit and able-bodied. These activities have an especially positive impact on cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Thus, the adrenaline rush is not only about real danger and fear. By doing the sport you get rid of negative emotions and learn to control your body.

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