Incident at Marius Nasta Institute following smoking ventilator in ICU


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Firefighters were called at “Marius Nasta” Lung Institute in Bucharest on Sunday evening following an alleged fire alert. The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations announced after firemen had been deployed on the scene that there was no fire, but fumes from an external ventilator of the intensive care mobile unit of the hospital, which was in the courtyard.

All those seven patients from the UCU mobile unit, admitted with Covid-19 infection, were evacuated and relocated to another wards of the hospital. “There was no fire at all, it was a smoking ventilator. There are not victims, all patients are safe”, Health minister, Vlad Voiculescu stated on Sunday evening.

Marius Nasta Hospital manager, Beatrice Mahler said on Monday that the only fireman of the hospital has been on leave for six months. She explained the firefighter of the medical unit has linked the medical leaves with the annual leave, adding such situations can be prevented only by amending the legislation.

“These people are very hard to sanction. The laws must be re-assessed in this regard. If you want to get involved you must stand by people”, Mahler commented.

The hospital manager also revealed that the technical staff of the unit, that checks on the facilities, consists of three workers. The hospital also has two electricians.

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