Infection rate surges to 6.37 in Bucharest. Further restrictions considered

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The coronavirus infection rate is slightly on the rise in Bucharest, climbing to 6.37 per 1,000 inhabitants on Wednesday from 6.22 a day ago.
The Capital local authorities said Tuesday that there is not need for the city to be quarantined in the next period, but that new restrictions will be in place.
The Bucharest Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations is expected to be convened by the prefect to decide on new measures.
Sources told mass media revealed the committee is to be convened on Thursday. There have been proposals to shut down at 18:00hrs and the movement to be restricted at night as of 20:00hrs during the weekend. Other existing measures for the other days of the week remain unchanged.
There might be national restrictions in the localities with a high incidence rate, it is under debated if a threshold of 3.4 or 5 per one thousand inhabitants should be considered.

In a press statement today, President Klaus Iohannis said that there is no need to quarantine Bucharest at this point, but additional restrictions are necessary, as “nobody wants to get to a degraded situation to prevent us from handling the third wave of the pandemic.”

“I have to be very sincere, this third waves does not go away by itself. To appease this third wave restrictions must be enforced along with the acceleration of the vaccination campaign (…) I am very concerned, the situation is very serious. I call on all Romanians to observe restrictions and register for vaccination”, the head of state said.

He added that additional restrictions are necessary in Bucharest “where there are crowded places”.

“We probably have to reduce agglomerations during the weekend. The opening hours will probably have to change for stores, malls. It is in our benefit, after all, if we respect restrictions we help the front line medical workers and help the least lucky of all, those who develop a more serious form of the disease”, the president said.

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