Less than one percent of Romanians cured from COVID-19 have donated blood plasma

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Less than 1 percent of the Romanians who are cured from COVID-19 so far have donated blood plasma that can be used to treat infected patients, whiled the European average is 7%.

The removal of red tape in the methodology of collecting blood plasma has yet prompted a rise of over three times in the number of procedures of plasmapheresis (blood plasma donation) during August 11-September 15, according to the public statistics released by Florin Hozoc, CEO Besmax Pharma Distribution, the company that donated to the Romanian state the only 18 plasmapheresis devices available in our country.

We already have over 80,000 people declared cured from COVID-19 in Romania, but we are still below the European average of blood plasma donation, less than 1 percent have donated in Romania, while the European average is 7%”, Hozoc said.

If before the donation methodology’s being revised in August, Romania had 279 plasma donations in 16 weeks (April 24-August 11), meaning 17.5 donations per week. After the methodology had been revised, there have been 311 donations in 5 weeks (August 11-September 15), meaning 62 donations per week.

Only 17 devices are currently in use, while the 18th one is waiting in the warehouse to be installed in Bucharest, where the number of donors is higher.

“A very clear example is the transfusion centre in Bucharest, where, after the installation of the second device for plasma donation provided free of any charge, we have ten times more plasmapheresis procedures than in the first 4 months.

43 donations by plasmapheresis have been processed in the past 2 weeks, as against 37 donations in the first 16 weeks”, Hozoc said.

The best results in collecting blood plasma from patients cured from COVID-19 are the transfusion centres in Hunedoara, Arad, Galați, Bistrița Năsăud and Buzău.

There also centres with a lower number of blood plasma donations (less than 20 in those 21 weeks): Alba Iulia, Bacău, Baia Mare, Sibiu, Iași.

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