Medical first in Romania as pregnant woman with cervical cancer undergoes surgery

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Doctor Petre Bratila on Tuesday operated a 29-year-old pregnant patient diagnosed with cervical cancer, in a medical first for Romania, as the baby’s life was not affected and neither the mother’s reproductive function. The doctor performed the intervention pro bono at the Euroclinic private hospital. According to the surgeon, the conservative treatment of cervical cancer intervention is offering women to keep a pregnancy in progress. The procedure, called trachelectomy, is suited only in special cases: when the disease is incipient and when pelvic nodules are not invaded by cancerous cells, as doctor Bratila explained in a press release quoted by Agerpres.

World Cancer Day is marked on February 4. According to statistics, a woman dies of cervical cancer in Romania every five hours, although the disease could be prevented.

A report issued by the International HPV Reference Center reveals that over 3,400 new cervical cancer cases are tracked down every year and that Romania has the greatest incidence in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Cervical cancer can be practically eliminated by making vaccination and scanning programmes widely available.

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