Nearly 4 million vaccinated against Covid-19 in Romania so far. Man investigated for taking the 3rd shot

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Romania is close to 4 million people vaccinated, while over 1,400 family doctors received anti-Covid vaccines in their offices, said doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign. He hailed the action of a family doctor in a village of Botosani, northeastern Romania, who organized by himself a mini vaccination marathon, vaccinating 180 people in three days.

The top five counties on vaccine in family doctors’ offices in the city are: Timiș, Dâmbovița, Călărași, Bucharest and Dolj. The top five counties on vaccine in family doctors’ offices in the countryside are Călărași, Dâmbovița, Timiș, Dolj and Bihor.

As for the vaccination in the family doctors’ offices, 56% targeted the vaccination in the villages and 44% in the city.

Overall, the most vaccinated people in Romania are the ones from Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov and Timis.

The vaccination rate is 35.7% in Bucharest from the resident population and 42.43% from the eligible population.

Cluj ranks second – 32.77% from the resident population and 38.6% from the eligible population.

Sibiu-  26.2% from the resident population and 28.9% from the eligible one.

Brașov –  25.4% from the resident population and 30.9% from the eligible population. Timiș –  24.8% and 29.5%.

Neamt, Bacau, Giurgiu , Botosani and Suceava are the counties with the lowest vaccination rates.

Around 18,000 foreigners took the anti-Covid jab in Romania

Valeriu Gheorghiță also announced that around 18,000 foreigners had been vaccinated against coronavirus in Romania. He added that the number of available doses for the vaccination without appointment will increase in the upcoming period.

Man investigated in Botosani for taking the third anti-Covid shot

A 49-year-old man from Botoşani is investigated by the police for taking the third shot of anti-Covid vaccine at a vaccination point in Dorohoi. He admitted he had taken the rappel only after he had been vaccinated for the third time. The man argued he would have wanted to have more doses, for “he felt better, saw better and heard better”.

Taking advantage by the agglomeration at a vaccination point downtown the town of Dorohoi, the man stood in line and managed to take the jab before his ID paper had been checked in the computer system, Monitorul de Botosani reported.

He was kept under close medical surveillance for several hours but he has not developed any strong reaction so far.

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