New Covid infections have doubled in the past week. Pessimistic scenario: 10,000 cases a day in August


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The number of new coronavirus infections has doubled in the last week compared to the previous one, between June 27 and July 3, almost 8,000 cases were registered, according to the Ministry of Health. Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Monday that this increase does not put pressure on the health system.

Between June 27 and July 3, 7,726 new cases of Covid infection were registered, with 1,307 patients being re-infected. 100% of the sequencers indicated Omicron infections. A week ago, 3,974 illnesses had been reported.

According to Rafila, Romania, like other European countries, is going through a period of rapid growth of coronavirus cases, but this does not pose problems for the health system.

The minister said that this increase in infections is caused by the BA5 sub-variant, which is contagious and affects both vaccinated people and those who have gone through the disease.

Rafila estimated that at the beginning of August there could be 10,000 cases of coronavirus infection per day, this being the pessimistic scenario.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently warned that the number of new coronavirus infections had increased by 18% up to 4.1 million globally in the past two weeks.

he UN health agency wrote in its latest weekly pandemic report that the death toll in the world remained similar to last week, at around 8,500. The number of deaths associated with Covid has increased in three regions: the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

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