New delay within the 2nd vaccination phase: Jabs for people under 65, half chronically ill, postponed by 17 days


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A new delay has been announced within the second vaccination phase in Romania. The authorities have announced on Friday that vaccination will be postponed for 66,884 people under 65 years old who were due to take the first anti-Covid jab during January 31-February 11.

However, half of them are people chronically ill. Another category whose first jab has been delayed are the employees of the key sectors. They will be rescheduled for vaccination starting February 16.

According to the Vaccination coordination committee, 6% of those rescheduled are those from the first phase of vaccination, 41% are people from the key sectors (also confirmed with a chronic disease) and 53% in the category of chronically ill.
The reason invoked by the authorities is “the decrease of the vaccine doses previously delivered by BioNTech Pfizer, as well as the lack of predictability on the vaccine tranches delivered by Moderna, for the months of February and March.”

“The Vaccination Coordination Committee mentioned that Moderna had announced today it would deliver 42,000 doses (a reduction by 20 percent) on February 5, adding the number will be supplemented later on”.


However,  in the case of those who have already taken the first jab the rappel will not be delayed.

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