No more available seats in the intensive care units in Bucharest

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There are no more available beds in the intensive care units in Bucharest, Digi24 reports.

Five patients infected with the novel coronavirus who are in a more serious condition have been transferred by a military aircraft to other hospitals in the country, namely to Iasi and Bacau. Ten other patients in serious condition are in the process of being transferred to other hospitals in Romania.

The manager of Victor Babes Institute for Infectious Diseases, Emilian Imbri told Digi24 that all those nine intensive beds of the hospital are taken.

“We can hospitalize patients with COVID-19 at Babes, but not in the intensive care unit. Two days ago, we obtained the transfer of one woman patient to the intensive care unit of Craiova Hospital, for there was no spare room at Babes, her condition is stable at the moment,” Imbri said.

He explained that the situation had worsened in the past 2-3 weeks, for many Covid cases had aggravated and patients needed more days in hospital. “The patients can stay up to 3 weeks in hospital, and a certain percentage of them end up in intensive care,” the Victor Babes hospital manager explained.

Imbri added that there are more patients aged over 60 than they were at the beginning of the pandemic and that, most of the time, they are the ones who lose the battle with the virus.

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