No need for now to get back to the state of emergency, Health minister says


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There is no need now to get back to the state of emergency, said the Romanian Health minister Nelu Tataru amid growing cases of Covid-19 infections. The minister explained that the past 7 days have seen “somehow related to the resuming of schools’ activity”, 158 children and 73 teachers infected with Covid.

“This last week can be related to the activity in schools, the second week in the first 14 days. If we relate to those over 130,000 cases since the debut of this pandemic, we have 3,200 children aged 0-9 and 5,200 children aged 10 to 19. During the past week, there are 276 children aged 0 to 9 and 597 children aged 10 to 19 infected with the novel coronavirus”,  Tataru said.

Asked if we must get back to the state of emergency if more than 2,000 cases are reported in more than 5 days, Tataru said there is no need for that, and that there is only need “for people to obey the rules”.

In his turn, microbiologist Alexandru Rafila, Romania’s representative to the World Health Organization said that the record number of infections reported in the past 24 hours are not “unexpected figures”, as the epidemiological situation has clearly entered an upward trend.

It is the third day in a row with over 2,000 cases, which impacts the patients in intensive care. It remains to be seen how far does this rise go.

The situation is yet very serious and it must be treated as such”, Rafila said.

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