No spare intensive care bed in Bucharest

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In Bucharest, there are no more spare  beds in the Covid intensive care units. This is the first time when there is such a situation in the Capital  if when the Capital reaches such a situation in this fourth wave of the pandemic.

Beatrice Mahler, the manager of the Marius Nasta Institute, told Digi24 that beds are only released when patients die. “I am afraid that we are only at the beginning and that it will be extremely difficult in hospitals in the next period,” she said.

There are no more vacancies at the “Victor Babeș” Hospital, neither at the ATI, nor in the wards. The manager of the health unit stated that he will make a request to increase the number of beds for the Covid patients. The hospital still treats non-Covid patients.

The number of hospitalized patients is also increasing at the ATI wards and at the “Matei Balş” Institute.

In Romania, the number of patients in serious condition has increased by 100 in the last 24 hours.

“A bed is taken in a few minutes. The ward is also full. The vacancies were vacated only because the patients did not manage to get through the condition well. We are at the point where we count the beds free as a result of the discharge, but they are very few. The shifts are difficult, we don’t have places for Covid patients, I’m not talking only about ICU. The pressure is already on the wards.

I was able to hospitalize patients today (Monday – n.r.), but unfortunately I lost a lot of lives this weekend. It is an extremely difficult situation. These lost lives mark us all. We lose a large number of people, because the damage they come with is extremely high, their lung capacity is significantly affected. They come very late, there is very little chance of medical success in their case. We had a place to go, but because some patients lost their lives,” said the doctor.

She underlined that 90% of their Covid patients are not vaccinated. “We are nervous about them, we have hopes though for those around 10% of patients who are vaccinated”.

“It’s just the beginning of the pressure. From what we see happening, how the infections are reported, how the rules are observed I am afraid that we are only at the beginning and that it will be extremely difficult in hospitals in the next period“, Mahler also stated.

The patients who arrive at the hospital in wave 4 of the pandemic have slightly more severe forms than those from the previous waves, and 98% of them are unvaccinated, also said the doctor from Timisoara Virgil Musta. In fact, the number of beds in the COVID area of ​​the Victor Babeș Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timișoara has been supplemented, after in the last few days there was an “explosion” of patients who arrived at the medical unit.

Doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign, stated on Friday evening, on B1 TV, that around October 15, the number of Covid-19 cases registered by Romania could even reach 20,000 per day. “We cannot neglect the implementation of some measures because they are unpopular,” he said.

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