Number of available seats for anti-Covid vaccination exceeds for the first time the number of people on the waiting lists


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The number of available seats for vaccination against COVID-19 in the vaccination centres in Romania has exceeded for the first time the number of people scheduled for vaccination on the waiting lists, the data on the vaccination platform reveal.

Today, before midday, there were 212,689 available seats for vaccination in the appointment platform and 180,732 people on the waiting lists.

The negative record is reported in the centres with AstraZeneca vaccines, where only 2,209 people were on the waiting lists, even if there are 61,436 available seats.

In the Pfizer vaccination centres 169, 852 people were waiting in line to get the jab, with 116,714 available seats.

There were 34,539 available seats in the Moderna centres, with 8,671 people on the waiting lists.

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