Number of vaccinated people in Romania up by 30% following vaccination without appointment


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The number of vaccinated people has increased by 30% after May 7, when the Romanian authorities allowed people to get vaccinated without previous appointment, but directly by coming to the vaccination centre, said the coordinator of the national immunisation campaign, doctor Valeriu Gheorghita. He underlined that there are just a few days and it may be too early to jump to conclusions, but figures are now pointing to a rise of 30%.

Besides, over 700 family doctors received the vaccine doses against COVID-19 and people are being vaccinated at this point across more than 300 cabinets of family doctors from 28 counties.

At the same time, 19,272 people have got vaccinated within the vaccination marathon in the military hospitals countrywide. Today is the last day of the marathon.

Vaccination marathons are to be held in Cluj, Târgu Mureș, Iași, Constanța, Ploiești, Petroșani or Mehedinți.

The vaccination rate in Bucharest is around 33.8% and if the population under 16 is not taken into account, and we only refer to the population eligible for the jab, the rate is near 40%, Valeriu Gheorghiță also announced. He argued that this thing partially explains the favorable evolution of the pandemic countrywide.

In Cluj county, the vaccination rate stands at 30.2% and in the city of Cluj-Napoca at 40%. In Sibiu county it is 23.7%, in Brasov county at 23.65%, in Timis at 23.41% and in Constanta at 22.6%.

Over 1,000 vaccination centres with over 1,400 flows are currently operating in Romania.

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